Around a million accounts banned by PUBG Gaming

PUBG Mobile game has permanently banned over a million players’ accounts who were using hacks and cheating in the game.

These banned players will not be able to access the game from the same account in the future.

Announcing the move, PUBG Mobile tweeted: “Don’t get caught on the wrong side of the #BanPan Cooking from March 5th-11th, we permanently banned 1,110,842 accounts from accessing our game. The majority of reasons include: Cross mark Auto-Aim Hacks, Cross mark Speed Hacks and Cross mark X-Ray Vision.”

Among the banned gamers, 34 percent of them were from the Bronze category while 13 percent were from Diamond.

Platinum category accounted for 11 percent while 10 percent were from the Ace category.

However, as the game is already banned in India, the account suspension will not apply to the Indian market.

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