Anti-China sentiment, State behind Vivo’s IPL exit?

Vivo is out of the IPL sponsorship deal. The Board of Control for Cricket in India will float fresh tenders to find a replacement.

This is what we all have come to know since Tuesday afternoon. What few people knew that the BCCI had “unofficially” alerted key media buyers to find a replacement for VIVO.

The franchisees too had been given a feeler that the ₹440 crore title sponsorship is off the cards this year.

The decision is influenced by the anti-China sentiment and the stringent Government policies to dissuade business with the Dragon which has caused unrest on India’s northern frontiers for the past several months.

The nationwide sentiment against the Chinese brands had grown manifold when the 20 Indian Army men were martyred by China’s soldiers. The scuffle had also resulted in major casualties on the other side as the Indian Jawans bravely defended our frontiers.’’

The Government ever since has enforced stringent economic measures against the Chinese brands, including banning the Chinese mobile apps and import of television sets.

There has been a strong voice of dissent against Vivo’s IPL sponsorship deal. The board and the Union Government have both been under pressure to get rid of the IPL title sponsor, which is a Chinese brand with a significant presence in India.

SportzFront has learnt that Vivo was also getting increasingly jittery about the deal in wake of the developments for the past few months.

In addition to the weaker market scenario and the IPL being moved to the UAE, there has been a growing concern about some tough measures expected from the Government.

It is learnt that following the successful launch of Apple’s first phone from its Chennai plant, Government is planning to offer favourable deals to overseas mobile brands as part of the “made in India” movement. It is feared that the deals will not be extended to the Chinese brands. That will further dent Vivo’s India business.

While Vivo looked for an exit from its ₹ 440 crore deal with the BCCI, it is learnt pressure was also growing on the board to keep the wholly-owned Chinese brand out of business.

In such a scenario, the board and the brand have agreed to suspend the deal for this season and extend the existing contract by one more year on the same terms.

Thus, it becomes a win, win situation for all – the BCCI, Vivo and the Government of India.

After the development, it is expected that the Government will soon announce the confirmation to stage the league in the UAE.

The BCCI on its part is announcing an invitation to tender for the IPL 2020 sponsorship.

The BCCI will be expecting around ₹ 250 crores for the IPL 2002 title rights.

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