Betway SA20 issues warning against unofficial match ticket websites

SA20 has warned cricket fans to beware of online websites claiming to have SA20 match tickets for sale. Organisers have noted a marked increase in offers of tickets for sale via secondary, mainly online, markets.

The only official outlets for tickets to Betway SA20 matches this year is Ticketpro.

Online “re-sellers” – masquerading under a host of brand names – do not have any official access to tickets.

“Tickets are promised, often highly inflated prices are charged and when the buyer asks about delivery, all is silent,” said Graeme Smith, SA20 League Commissioner.

“There are absolutely no guarantees that the tickets will ever materialise as touts don’t have tickets. We strongly advise not to buy from online ‘re-sellers’. Fans may be overcharged and never see tickets while losing their money.

“Many other events provide a cautionary tale of bitter disappointment for fans who have gone online, bought from unauthorised websites only to never to receive the tickets, or to be denied entry at the gate.”

The League, franchises and the host venues themselves are powerless to intervene other than to warn against the scammers.

“People will generally have to pay above face-value for tickets through these sites but have little recourse other than to pursue them legally when they fail to deliver,” said Smith. “Most people won’t go that route because of the costs and its challenges, and they end up angry and out of pocket.

“The only way to be certain of avoiding disappointment is to buy through the official channels.”

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