EPL club Norwich City FC scraps shirt sponsorship deal after fans’ backlash

English Premier League (EPL) club Norwich City FC has dropped its new shirt sponsorship deal with a gambling operator following backlash from fans at the firm for using sexual images of young women in its social media marketing.

The deal between the club and Asian gambling firm BK8 was announced on Monday and was dropped just within three days.

Issuing a statement, the club said: “On this occasion, we got it wrong. For that, and any offence caused, the club apologizes.”

The deal was the third straight gambling operator to feature on the shirts at the club. Norwich FC had won the second-tier Championship to regain its Premier League place at the first attempt.

The club further said that it “anticipated some negative responses to the announcement of the partnership with a betting company” but that BK8’s marketing values “do not align with those of the football club.”

“As a self-financed club there is always a fine balance between generating the revenue levels required to help maintain that model, whilst working within our visions and values,” said Ben Kensell, the club’s chief operating officer.

“On this occasion, we made an error of judgement. We want to continue to embed a highly inclusive culture across the club, together with an accessible and welcoming environment free of demeaning and discriminatory behaviors,” he added.

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