IOC announces $150 mn support to national Olympic bodies, international federations

The International Olympic Committee has announced a $150 support to national Olympic Committees.

The amount approved by the IOC Executive Board on Wednesday is in addition to $ 100 mn already paid the international sports federations and national Olympic committees since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The $100 mn support under the TOP Programme will be disbursed to the national federations by the end this year. The IOC has also expressed commitment to ensure funding for the IOC-Recognised Organisations.

“The Olympic Movement is facing an unprecedented challenge. The IOC has to organise postponed Olympic Games for the first time ever, and has to help its stakeholders come through this global crisis. This new situation will need all our solidarity, creativity, determination and flexibility. We shall all need to make sacrifices and compromises. Extraordinary circumstances call for extraordinary measures. This situation requires every one of us to do our part, and this applies to all of us, including the IOC. We are glad to be able to help with our support programmes,” said IOC President Thomas Bach.

The IOC, as the leader of the Olympic Movement, is playing a critical role in supporting its stakeholders during the COVID-19 outbreak. The organisation has swiftly delivered on its commitment to allocate an aid package programme for the Olympic Movement.

The international federations are facing financial hardship due to the cancellation of sports events and the impact on the sporting calendar of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 being held in 2021. Due to the urgency of the situation, payments to the federations was started in June 2020. The programme is still continuing. The IOC’s support comes in different forms, and is decided after an assessment of needs and on a case-by-case basis.


International Basketball Federation, International Golf Federation, International Gymnastics Federation, International Hockey Federation, International Judo Federation, International Modern Pentathlon Union, International Swimming Federation, International Tennis Federation, Union Cycliste Internationale, World Archery, World Athletics, World Rowing, World Rugby, World Sailing and World Taekwondo are the international federations to have received loans from the IOC.


The IOC has also granted donations to the International Federation of Sport Climbing, International Surfing Association, World Baseball Softball Confederation and World Karate Federation.

Additionally, international federations based in Switzerland can benefit from the financial support of the Swiss Government under the Federal COVID-19 F1 and F2 credit programmes, provided they meet the relevant criteria.

The NOCs are also experiencing a significant financial impact from the postponement of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 and the COVID-19 outbreak.

All NOCs have incurred additional costs. Like most organisations across the world, NOCs are facing uncertainty relating to their long-term planning and cash flow due to the disruption in existing business arrangements with national sponsors and the diversion of government funding away from sport. This has resulted in many uncertainties relating to the NOCs’ capacity to fulfil their responsibilities towards their athletes, coaches and national stakeholders.

As a trusted long-term partner of the 206 NOCs, Olympic Solidarity has been responsive to this new global environment and adapted its programmes and working methods where needed, and within the budgets available. Following consultation with the Olympic Solidarity Commission, the following actions have been taken, and these were communicated already in mid-April:

All the 2017-2020 programmes and budgets with a direct link to Olympic Games preparation and participation will be extended to the Olympic Games in 2021 will include:

  • Tokyo 2020 Olympic scholarships for athletes : Support for more than 1,600 athletes currently benefiting from a Tokyo 2020 Olympic scholarship will continue without interruption until August 2021 for a total cost of USD 15 million, subject to the programme guidelines.
  • Team support grants : Additional support can be requested for teams currently benefiting from this programme who have qualified or can still qualify for the Games in Tokyo through participation in specific competitions.
  • Refugee athlete support : Support to refugee athlete scholarship-holders will continue without interruption until August 2021, in accordance with the programme guidelines.
  • IOC subsidies for NOC participation in the Olympic Games : To meet the specific needs relating to NOC costs incurred due to the postponement of Tokyo 2020, Olympic Solidarity has increased the total budget allocated to the IOC subsidies for NOC participation in the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 from USD 46.7 million to USD 57 million.

In addition, in June 2020, the Association of National Olympic Committees (ANOC) agreed to make available a budget of USD 11.65 million that had been allocated to ANOC by Olympic Solidarity from the 2017 – 2020 plan for a specific ANOC Tokyo 2020 fund. This fund is available to all 206 NOCs to assist them in facing exceptional costs relating to athlete and NOC preparation for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 in particular, and the COVID-19 crisis in general. It will be distributed to the NOCs by the NOC Continental Associations under the coordination of Olympic Solidarity, to avoid duplication of existing programmes and subsidies and to take into consideration continental specific cities.

In relation to the Recognised Organisations, the IOC is conducting ongoing discussions with them to better understand the impact of the Olympic Games’ postponement and COVID-19 to ensure their continued funding.

On 14 May, the IOC EB had approved a substantial financial plan, including an envelope of USD 150 million for IFs and NOCs to help them overcome the significant financial challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic and the postponement of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. This funding is intended to help them continue their mission to develop their sports, prepare for the Olympic Games and support their athletes.

In order to be able to deliver all this support, the IOC had to ask the Olympic Foundation for its assistance. The Foundation Board decided to allocate an amount of up to USD 300 million to assist the IOC in its efforts to support the actions of the Olympic Movement.

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