& Poker Life India comes together to promote mindfulness, mental wellbeing

As India battle the odds of the pandemic,, India’s leading online gaming platform has announced a collaboration with Poker Life India for the Mindfulness Series.

After last year’s successful interactive session on “Mental Health at the Felts” initiative, this leg brings 4 interactive videos- one video to be released every Monday with a special guest emphasizing on the topic each week. The Mindfulness Series aims to empower and educate people about the importance of mindfulness and mental health in life as well how it can be applied in the mind sport of poker.

The sessions are hosted by Raj Shrestha Juneja, Poker player, YouTuber and founder of Poker Life India, who will be seen in conversation with renowned international mindset coaches such as Adam Carmichael, Founder – Winners Edge Poker, Karim Chelli, Founder – Karim Chelli Mentoring, Jay Shetty, an Indian-English author, former monk and life coach.

In a world gripped by the pandemic, mindfulness has emerged as a key characteristic to cope with anxiety and stress, resulting in enhanced patience, productivity, and thoughtful decisions. These skills positively impact one’s performance in a game of skill as it demands focus, mental stimulation and requires people to have a good control over their mind to thrive. To nurture this further, the new series by focuses on how one can achieve a wholesome gaming experience when it’s coupled with responsible gaming and good mental health, resulting in realizing one’s full potential to unlock peak levels of performance and a winner’s mindset.

The video sessions can be streamed on PokerBaazi’s Facebook page and on PokerLife India’s YouTube channel. The first episode of the series, discussing the key aspects of mindset and the process needed to play poker with perspective, is already live.

To add a flavor of excitement to the series, will also be conducting a contest on its Instagram handle and the winner will get a chance to have a 30 minute one-on-one session with mindset coach Adam Carmichael who has also been coaching various international professional poker players.

Commenting on the Mindfulness Series, Shashwat Mishra, Brand Manager & Creative Lead at PokerBaazi said: “Poker is first and foremost a mind sport and as such, the most important attribute of a player is their mental health and fortitude. We at PokerBaazi have always tried to promote this, whether through our Baazi Care initiatives, properties such as Mental Health at the Felts as well as this exciting new collaboration which we hope can help guide poker players, both professional and aspiring, towards mindfulness and excellence.”

Raj Shrestha Juneja, Founder, Poker Life India, added: “The need for mental health and mindfulness, is probably the most underrated aspect in the 21st century which was further highlighted by the pandemic. This series aims to highlight not just the need for it but seeks to initiate the journey for many. It shall seek to do so through reviewing relevant literature and interactions with people who excel in their fields- poker or otherwise!”

Adam Carmichael, Founder, Winners Edge Poker, further stated “As a poker player, mindfulness is like a superpower which allows you to focus your attention, as well as to observe your thoughts and feelings without judgment. It allows you to regulate your stress responses in real-time and to perform at your best in high-pressure situations”

The initiative was started by in July 2020 with a live session on “Mental Health at the Felts”, in association Poker Boot Camp India, to help people cope during the pandemic. This series was a part of brand’s initiative Baazi Care which highlights important topics such as responsible gaming, good mental health of players, and also providing them support with their inhouse counselor and psychologists.

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