The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, forced to be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will see the light of the day precisely 365 day from today (Thursday). There is a belief that the world will be in a better position by then to deal with the deadly virus that rapidly spreads from humans to humans.

A timely invention of a vaccine is expected to ensure the smooth conduct of the Games.

Hoping everything to go as per the plan, the Organising Committee for the Olympic Games – Tokyo 2020 – has launched its 365-day  countdown to the Games.

The Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee has released a video at the Olympic Stadium to mark one-year to go until the exact moment the Opening Ceremony will be held for the postponed Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

The video, which contained messages of support for all athletes aiming to participate at next year’s Games, was unveiled on the main screen of the Olympic Stadium at 8 pm local time and expressed Tokyo 2020’s determination to keep a beacon of hope alive until sports can resume as normal.

As well as appreciating the efforts of the athletes who are currently striving every day to adapt to the ‘new normal’, the video expressed gratitude and respect for all those who are providing medical support and social care during these difficult times, states a report by

Japanese swimmer IKEE Rikako, who had been battling with leukemia, shared a heartfelt message and invited us to take a step forward towards next year’s opening day. “Imagine the world in a year: a world where the curtain is set to rise on the Olympic and Paralympic Games.”

Ikee, 20, was released from hospital in December 2019 after going through 10 months of treatment. The 2018 Asian Games MVP resumed training in February 2020 and took her first swim in a pool after 406 days on 17 March.

Ikee said: “When I was asked to take part, I wondered if I was the right person for this occasion. I was not sure if I would be able to live up to such a role, but as discussions progressed, I realised I might not get a chance like this again, and I was very excited to accept.”

The event was not open to the public, to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but was watched around the world through a live event online.

Tokyo 2020 President MORI Yoshiro said: “I cannot imagine how athletes set to take centre stage must have felt about the first-ever postponement of the Games.

“Inspired by the beacon of hope that lit up the Olympic Stadium today, the Organising Committee will put forth every effort toward preparing for next year’s Games, ensuring they remain in our memory forever as a symbol of unity and solidarity, as together we work to overcome the challenges of COVID-19.”

International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach added: “With only one year to go, a mammoth task still lies ahead of us.

“I am deeply impressed and grateful for the extraordinary progress already being made in the preparations since the joint postponement decision.

“We are working to optimise the operations and services without touching on sports and athletes. In this way we can, together with the Organising Committee, turn these postponed Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 into an unprecedented celebration of the unity and solidarity of humankind, making them a symbol of resilience and hope. Showing that we are stronger together.”

International Paralympic Committee President Andrew Parsons commented: “It may feel like Groundhog Day celebrating this landmark again, but the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games will be well worth the wait.

“They will be a global celebration of human endeavour, resilience and hope and I am fully confident that the performances of Para athletes will entertain the world and have a profound impact on driving social inclusion in Japan and around the world.”

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