Sourav Ganguly to be released from the hospital on January 6

BCCI President Sourav Ganguly

BCCI President Sourav Ganguly

Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) president Sourav Ganguly is all set to be discharged from the hospital on Wednesday. The former India skipper suffered a heart attack on Saturday and was admitted to the Woodlands hospital in Kolkata.

Ganguly had complained of uneasiness after working out at his home gym following which he was rushed to the hospital. He was detected with three blocked arteries and had to undergo coronary angioplasty but is now in stable condition.

The decision to discharge the 48-year-old was taken after noted cardiac surgeon Dr Devi Shetty attended to Ganguly in Kolkata on Tuesday.

“The opinion among the doctors was that Sourav had an angioplasty, he should go home and get back to work. He can get back to work from home as soon as he reaches home,” Dr Shetty, one of India’s top cardiac surgeons, said.

“In the future, he may require an angioplasty, which is like a routine thing done in most hospitals in the country. It is nothing complicated or life-threatening. This can be done at his discretion and whenever he is comfortable,” Dr Shetty said.

“This incident has shaken the world. People think how can a 48-year-old man like Sourav who is athletic, fit, does not smoke or drink, suffer a heart attack? This is the true reality of India. The kind of lifestyle we lead, irrespective of how athletic you are, you can still get a heart attack if you don’t undergo preventive check-ups at regular intervals. If Sourav had a simple test like scans, this incident of heart attack would have been predicted 15-20 years ahead. This is what every Indian should understand,” the senior doctor said.

Dr Shetty added that after this procedure, Ganguly is fit enough to fly a plane.

“He can even fly a plane. Forget about angioplasty, even if you undergo a bypass, you are legally allowed a licence to fly a civilian plane. You are that fit after the surgery. After angioplasty, they are fit to do anything they want. Sourav can chase his aspirations without this being any setback. He can get back to cricket if he wants or can do regular exercises,” Dr Shetty said.

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